Twitter “Better Practices” for Effective Social Media Engagement

Twitter fail

Ken Lingad shared a few of his top suggestions for what he calls “Better Practices” for twitter use during his lecture appearance at ASCAP in Nashville, and it seemed to be a welcome contribution on the Music Row business scene, so we thought we’d repost it is in its entirety for all the emerging artists, artist managers/promoters/marketing-types out there. (BE WARNED: some F-bombs are dropped):

1. Be mindful of length if you want to increase Retweet potential – try to think 115 characters.
2. Don’t automatically RT without qualifying where embedded (hotlink) links go, and more importantly what their content messaging is.
3. If you’re working in Public Relations, don’t embellish client facts – keep it factual and journalists will be more apt to listen.
4. We don’t auto-DM – EVER – neither should you.
5. Try to have something meaningful to contribute to the twitterverse consistently. the majority of your followers do so because they want to digest your social contributions – it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep them “fed.”
6. Don’t be afraid to unfollow – or even not to follow at all – someone who never engages you in a mutually positive and relevant manner. “We ain’t scared!”
EXAMPLE: A particular bonehead we’ve never heard of, nor engaged in conversation with in any form, had the balls to call us out for not automatically “following back” …and basically accused of us of being social snobs. My tactful reply – in the most complex display of Public Relations jargon: “Fuck off.”
7. Be authentic.
8. Be kind.
9. Don’t kiss ass.
10. ALWAYS USE A URL SHORTENER. This is in caps for a reason. I HATE when you leave it to me to figure out what is relevant and what I can convert to fucking short-hand text.
11. Proper grammar mechanics DO matter
12. Understand the proper use of #-tags, and more importantly, their potential. Don’t be ‘that guy” who thinks it is endearing in any way to string a bunch of fucking nonsense together and hashtag it. That being said, all of us can appreciate a well-played hashtag that was obviously born from something witty or particularly cool – unfortunately, that isn’t the case for some of you out there #whenyoufuckingoverdoit.

Jake Owen Premieres New Video “What We Ain’t Got” featuring Travis Meadows


1680 Artist Travis Meadows is riding yet another wave of worldwide recognition for writing Country music superstar Jake Owen’s latest hit single, What We Ain’t Got – and this time the attention came from none other than Jake Owen, himself! In what must be a music industry FIRST, Owen brought the Nashville-based songwriter to to the stage for an impromptu duet of the hit song at Owen’s recent outdoor concert in Music City. In an unprecedented SECOND action, Jake Owen released the live performance as the official video single, starting off the video giving stellar props to the Country’s hottest writer. See the article below:

Jake Owen Premieres Lyric Video For ‘What We Ain’t Got’
By Wendy Geller
October 22, 2014 12:22 AM
Our Country

Jake Owen may have a bit of a rep as a party boy enamored of beaches, go-kart racing, and general reckless living, but on his latest single “What We Ain’t Got” he definitely can shift gears into serious mode — surprising his fans with his heartfelt delivery about lamenting love lost.

The tune hit the airwaves this summer, and now Owen has a lyric video to accompany the plaintive track. Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the first look at this, which will likely win him even more admirers to add to his growing roster.

“What We Ain’t Got” is the third single from Owen’s fourth studio album Days of Gold, which was released in late 2013. The singer will be featured on the lineup for…