You Have to Whup a Man’s Ass Sometimes

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Thought we’d share this inspiring blog post from Ken Lingad and our sister company, 1680PR! Enjoy the read!

For hundreds of years there have been books, manuscripts – hell, even song lyrics – dealing with the subject matter of codes of conduct. A few years ago, one of my employees compared me to the fictional Special Agent Gibbs on TV’s NCIS crime drama. Already familiar with the character’s penchant for quoting from a set of rules and protocols that were handed down from his agent mentors, I began spouting out my own “rules” – mostly in professional scenarios – to my colleagues.

I must say that I’ve been blessed with some great mentors in my lifetime. Some were direct influencers, like my Grandfather – who was one of the most respected and influential icons in our American Indian tribe – and three people who’ve consistently remained in my life for over two decades: my dear friend, Ellen Smith, Calvary Chapel Pastor Ray Jaramillo and my Wing Chun teacher, Sifu Phil Romero. Others have had an indirect influence on me – strangers or the briefest of acquaintances who may have said a few words or committed actions that I gleaned something from at some point or another. Now, as I enter the next half of my life, I realize – more than ever – I shall ever be a work in progress, but I have distilled my essential core life lessons into a short list for my daughter, employees, and colleagues.

I humbly pass to you My Rules:

1. Intention –> Execution –> Result

2. Improve yourself while others are resting.

3. Be prepared for opportunity.

4. Servants make better leaders.

5. Know your limitations and eliminate them.

6. Larger than life is just the right size.

7. Remember the quiet one may be taking mental notes.

8. Although it really is best to walk away, you may have to whup a man’s ass sometime…so be able to.