Cedar Dream Songs

Cedar Dream Songs

Cedar Dream Songs – the groundbreaking, GRAMMY® Award-winning album by Native American artist Bill Miller

…yet another side of an extremely talented musician, artist, poet. His ability to touch your soul with his music is second to none…The sound quality of this CD is exceptional. Buying any of Bill’s CD’s will be a worthwhile investment for your music collection...


Noted Native American singer/songwriter Bill Miller spotlights his flute playing on every track of this all-instrumental album. Backed by a combination of traditional and modern instruments, Miller and company fuse together Native American modes and drum rhythms with contemporary keyboard textures. The result is a compelling mixture of indigenous sounds and modern production. One of the highlights of CEDAR DREAM SONGS is the traditional-sounding “Birds of the Air,” featuring a soaring flute melody and an enchanting tom-tom rhythm. The last piece, “Calling the Rain,” is the most effective composition on this album.



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